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[Lorusso Family sculpture] [Celebrate Life - Matt Scarpati Bicyclist sculpture] [Brianna soccer sculpture] [George V. Brown sculpture] [Journey sculpture] [September 11th sculpture] [Stand Up, Speak Out sculpture] [Holocaust Monument sculpture] [Children's Holocaust Memorial sculpture] [Eternal Vigilance relief sculpture]

Monuments and
Other Public Art by Michael Alfano

[Garden of Hope sculpture] [Ethics of Peace sculpture] [Bronze Plaque Sculpture Brooklyn] [Walt Whitman sculpture] [Mother Clelia Merloni sculpture] [Daniel Weadock sculpture] [Peace Offering sculpture] [Young Bull bronze sculpture] [Bull bronze sculpture] [Running Wheel sculpture]  
[Cubed sculpture] [Wired sculpture] [Gates of Transcendence sculpture] [Dancer sculpture] [Questioning Mind Bronze Sculpture] [We Two Together sculpture fountain] [Winged Foot sculpture] [Evolution Sculpture] [Turning Heads Sculpture]  

[Celecrate Life - Matt Scarpati]

This bicyclist invites riders, runners, and walkers to enjoy the trail that leads to Jones Beach on Long Island. It is a portrait of Matt Scarpati, who at 19, was killed by a drunk driver near the same location. The Miles for Matt Foundation commissioned the sculpture to honor his inspiring spirit. The foundation also successfully petitioned the highway department and legistlature to install a guardrail to protect people on the bike path from the adjacent parkway traffic.

Michael sculpted the clay version in a storefront window so people could watch the artwork take shape. In all, sculpting the figure was completed in under three months, however, there were many months of preparation, and many months followed to create the bronze casting from the clay version.

Celebrate Life--Matt Scarpati
2013, Life Size, in Bronze
Cedar Creek Park, Jone Beach Bikeway
Seaview, NY

[Celebrate Life - Matt Scarpati]
[Lorusso Family Bronze Sculpture]

This sculpture of the Loursso Family memorializes the enormous generosity of their foundation to Cape Cod organizations, ranging from the hospital, to youth groups, to human services. It is located at the Barnstable Historical Society's first permanent home, acquired thanks to the foundation, and is located very near the home where the Lorusso's lived. In 1971, Paul and Lila Lorusso established the Lyndon Paul Lorusso Charitable Foundation after their only son, Lyndon, died in an accident at age 17. In the design, Michael captures universal roles as well as relationships among family members. With the expressions, Michael coveys a glimpse into a different future, when the family will not be united in this same way, and also conveys the foundation's motto, "Looking forward while giving back". The monument includes a bench with space for others to sit, depicting the Lorusso's welcoming nature.

Installation required a crane to place the granite base and heavy, bronze sculpture. It's one of the last steps in the process of creating a work of public art, which took over five years in all.

Lorusso Family
2013, Life Size, in Bronze
Barnstable Historical Society, Barnstable, MA

Legendary sports advocate, especially for the Boston Marathon in the early 1900's, George V. Brown has his starter's pistol ready to send off the runners at the Common in his hometown of Hopkinton, MA. The Hopkinton Athletic Association awarded the sculpture commission to Michael, a modern-day town resident and marathoner. A maquette of the monument is at the Marathon Museum in Marathon, Greece.

George V. Brown--The Starter
2008, Life Size, in Bronze
Starting Line of Boston Marathon
Hopkinton, MA

[George V. Brown]
[Bronze Plaque Sculpture, Brooklyn NY, Park Union]

This bronze plaque is featured on the balconies of the Park Union building in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. As part of the building's renovation, the American Development Group commissioned Michael to create this bas relief sculpture of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch, which can be seen from the building at the Grand Army Plaza, the main entrance to Prospect Park. As a remarkable project and a stunning building, it was the subject of a New York Times Sunday edition article, which includes photos of the plaque.

Park Union Plaque
Bronze, 18"x18"x1/2"
Brooklyn, NY

The sculpture of Brianna "Breezy" Titcomb welcomes soccer players at the entrance to the 10-acre Breezy Park, home fields for the Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington Youth Soccer Club. This depiction of Brianna in action is a memorial to her cheerful spirit and dedication, as well as a call to end the crime of drunk driving. Brianna, a cherished member of the club, was killed by a drunk driver at age 13, in 2005.

Brianna "Breezy" Titcomb
Bronze, 5'x4'x3' (Life Size)
Huntington, NY
[Brianna Soccer Player Sculpture]
2008, Life Size, in Bronze
Zion Union Heritage Museum, Hyannis, MA

Journey, at the Zion Union Heritage Museum in Hyannis, MA, honors the contributions that African-Americans and Cape Verdeans have made to Cape Cod and the Islands for hundreds of years. In the sculpture, the figure holds the globe, his hands spanning the Atlantic, denoting the continental migration. His stride and stance reflect the continuing journeys that spanned the eras of the slave trade, abolitionism, and the civil rights movement. He has the world of his future in his hands. The sculpture was commissioned and given to the museum by the Lyndon Paul Lorusso Foundation.

Museum Board President Harold Tobey and Treasurer Donna Tobey with Journey. See Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visiting Journey, with John Reed and Harold.

The Town of Norfolk, Massachusetts commissioned Michael to create a sculpture memorializing the events of September 11, 2001. On 9/11 in 2003, the bonded bronze and granite monument was dedicated at a ceremony on the town common. In 2011, on the 10th anniversary of the event, a bronze version replaced the original.

The sculpture's shape implies that of the World Trade Center. Thirteen figures atop the tower surround and support a globe, symbolizing that peace requires people from around the world to draw together. The sculpture rests on a five-sided base, representing the Pentagon, and the "93" on the firefighter's hat symbolizes the flight number of the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

In 2006, the town of Clifton, NJ permanently installed the 9/11 memorial at their Arts Center.

Small-scale model available for purchase.

One World United for Peace
September 11th Memorial

Bronze and granite
[9/11 Monument]
[Holocaust Monument]

In the Holocaust Monument, the man points to a brighter future. The woman looks back in horror, portraying the lost past. Leading them, the child pulls the woman from the past to the future.

Holocaust Monument,  2001
Bronze, 84"x72"x72"
(120% Life Size)
Jericho Jewish Center, NY
[Model for Monument]
Hands of God
Cold Cast Copper

When designing a monument, Michael creates multiple maquettes to develop design ideas. This is one model for the Holocaust Monument. The reverse side includes a Star of David inscribed with the Hebrew for "Remember".

The Children's Holocaust Memorial was dedicated on November 12, 2006 to the 1,500,000 children who perished. It was inspired by a photograph from the Auschwitz Album and includes a contemporary girl who offers hope. Viewers can stand between her and the victims, linking the past and present to help internalize the commitment, "Never again."

Children's Holocaust Memorial
2006, 110% Life Size, in Bronze
Temple Emanuel, Great Neck, NY

[Children's Holocaust Memorial]

[Children's Holocaust Memorial - Boy]
[Eternal Vigilance - Large Relief Sculpture]

Eternal Vigilance expresses the complexities of attaining peace in the Middle East. An Israeli soldier is at the Western (Wailing) Wall, wearing his tallit (prayer shawl) and offering his prayer note; the dove delivers his note skyward. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" influenced the title and refers to both personal and universal vigilance. This sculpture was conceived of and commissioned by a private collector for his home in Hartford, CT. The maquette for it has been cast as a sculpture in its own right.

Eternal Vigilance, 2013
Cold Cast Copper, 84" x 54" x 12"
Private Collection, Hartford CT

The bull looks up in the spirit of optimism of a rising market
and scans the horizon for financial opportunities.
This sculpture was commissioned by 1776 Financial for their office building.

Independence Bull, 2018
Bronze, Life Size
Franklin, MA

[Bronze sculpture Bull breaking though a building by Michael Alfano]

A Young Bull, 2017
Bronze, 24" high
Ashland Public Library, MA

The Friends of the Ashland Public Library commissioned this sculpture in honor of Elka Troutman, a tireless volunteer at the library for many years. It depicts a scene from a favorite story she enjoyed reading to children. Michael designed it to be welcoming to the youngsters at the library: they can hug the bull and safely interact with him, or curl up next to the friendly animal with their own favorite book.

[Bronze sculpture of a young bull by Michael Alfano]

On May 23, 2006, the Sculpture of Hope and the Garden of Awareness were dedicated. (The bronze figures were unveiled in December 2001 and displayed in Nold Hall until 2006.) This memorial was commissioned by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Long Island Chapter. Framing the sculpture is a 75-foot long Wall of Remembrance, built with bricks bearing the names of victims. An area of the wall symbolically broken by a drunk-driven car is being repaired by two figures who represent every person determined to rebuild broken lives and transform the anguish into meaningful change.

Sculpture of Hope, 2006; Bronze, Over Life Size; Farmingdale State College, NY
[MADD Monument]
[Stand Up, Speak Out Monument]

Stand Up, Speak Out was created with the support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Long Island Chapter, Students Against Drunk Driving, and the Nassau County Traffic Safety Board. It received national attention due to its original placement at the Nassau County Courthouse--defense lawyers successfully contested that its presence could unfairly bias jurors in drunk driving cases. The sculpture was then located at the Nassau University Medical Center. In 2010, the county moved the memorial to Eisenhower Park and rededicated it in a moving ceremony.

Stand Up, Speak Out, 1998
Cold Cast Copper
10'x7'x5' (120% Life Size)
Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, NY
[Walt Whitman Monument]

This sculpture is near West Hills, NY, the beloved poet's birthplace. In it, Whitman sits on a tree stump, while a butterfly rests on his finger. From the full figure, Michael created a casting of the head that can be mounted on the wall.

Walt Whitman, 1996
Cast Stone
42"x36"x30" (3/4 Life Size)
East Meadow Library, NY
[Walt Whitman Bust]

Ethics of Peace was created with a fellowship from the Newington Cropsey Academy. It aims to distill the issue of peace into a single, comprehensible image, converting complex verbiage into the wholly visual medium of sculpture.

In the title, ethics means the study of ideal conduct. To that end, the sculpture tries to provide a model for the ideal conduct that will help individuals live in peace, that is, live in harmony with other people and nations. But equally important is peace with oneself.

The central figure in the sculpture seeks inner peace by questioning, by living non-judgmentally, and by having the courage to make the hard changes necessary to attain the innocence of children. Since the problem of violence is man-made, the solution must also be man-made.

Ethics of Peace, 2000
Bronze on a granite base
36"x36"x36" (1/2 Life Size)
Georgetown University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
Washington, DC
[Ethics of Peace Monument]

This portrait sculpture honors Mother Clelia Merloni, who founded the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Viareggio, Italy in 1894. Commissioned by the order, it was unveiled on July 1, 2007 at the Provincial House's beautiful memorial garden in Hamden, CT. Michael also created a maquette (small-scale model of the sculpture) for their provinces around the world. See photos of the ceremony.

Mother Clelia Merloni, 2007
Bronze, Life Size
Provincial House, Hamden, CT
[Mother Clelia Merloni]
[Daniel Weadock, International Club]

In June 2007, a life-size sculpture of Daniel Weadock was unveiled at the International, a private club in Bolton, MA. Set on a golf course, next to a pond, it features Daniel, former owner of the club, and a grandchild feeding fish in the pond, while a fox watches. It was commissioned by Daniel's family and friends, who remember Daniel as extending a hand not just to wildlife, but to all of those around him. In the serene and beautiful setting, Daniel's family still surrounds him, represented by boulders positioned in the landscape.

Daniel Weadock, 2007
Bronze, Life Size
International Club, Bolton MA

Cubed is a sculptural puzzle in nine pieces, each in a different skin tone. It forms two faces: a male on one side and a female, inverted, on the other side. You can rearrange the sculpture to make interesting abstract designs, and even fun seating and tables. You can watch a video and learn more about Cubed
Inquire about display or purchase..

Tabletop maquette, white resin, 4.5"x4.5"x4"
Resin, Ltd. Ed. of 100
[Gates of Transcendence sculpture]

Gates of Transcendence is a face, ten times larger than life, split down the middle, representing two sides to every situation. It addresses the idea of transcendence in a number of ways, which the viewer can experience from multiple views.

When you face this monumental portrait, you tend to think about life as a whole and its big challenges. From behind the sculpture, you can look through the eyes, as if looking through someone else's eyes, to see a different perspective. Walking through the Gates of Transcendence is like taking a symbolic journey, breaking free from the habitual facades we all sometimes adopt, and into a clear new view of life.

Gates of Transcendence
Resin or Bronze, Ltd. Ed. of 10
Inquire about display or purchase.

Peace Offering is a full-size bench suitable for outdoor or indoor use. While the dove conveys the hope for peace, its tail transforms into a hawk, representing hostility. The dove's wings become open hands, which might be ours, in an asking, a weighing, or an offering pose. Or they might belong to a larger force that welcomes two people to sit down and discuss their differences. This sculpture represents some of the many aspects of attaining peace. It is a expression of Michael's Soka Gakkai Buddhist practice, with the intention of contributing to peace and culture. Inquire about display or purchase.

[Peace Offering sculpture and functional bench]
[Peace Offering sculpture maquette]
Tabletop maquette 11"x6"x3"; Resin, Ltd. Ed. of 250; or Bronze, Ltd. Ed. of 25
Peace Offering (Functional Bench)
Bronze, Ltd. Ed. of 25
Resin, Ltd. Ed. of 100
[Wired sculpture]

A regular aspect in my work is the use of negative space to draw attention to the intangible. In Wired, space between the profiles can allude to the many aspects of a person that aren’t obvious. Furthermore, it asks what connects those aspects through the seemingly empty medium. Each profile can also be seen as a different person, all of them similar but having a slightly different view. They form some whole, but what is the whole they form and what is it that connects them? One can see a “universal” head created by the totality of the profiles.

The light in the base of the sculpture illuminates the profiles at night, and with the overall shape similar to a light bulb, the sculpture represents the collective nature of a bright idea. When the faces are shaken, it illustrates an energy between each profile. The top is loose, almost looking like hair sticking up after someone’s received an electric jolt or looks like a person considered to be “wired.” The lone, rusted piece subtly commands attention, signifying change and decay. The title alludes to the many interpretations of the word, including the physical and environmental wiring within us as well as the ways we are connected in the electric and digital worlds.

Wired is constructed from 6' bent steel rods, welded onto a large reclaimed cable spool. The spool made the perfect base, fitting the theme of the sculpture and working perfectly with the design. The interior support for the rods is also made from an existing pipe, cut to fit. Salvaging and reusing the cable spool was not only rewarding but added an element from the electronic past to the sculpture.

Stainless Steel
Inquire about display or purchase.

Michael made the first small metal dancer from a 55-gallon oil drum, transforming an industrial remnant into a graceful objet d'art. These dancers move with the wind or when touched. They come in stainless steel, in colors or uncoated, and small or large sizes. Each is unique as Michael shapes the steel based on its characteristics and the vision he has. Inquire about display or purchase.

[Blue Dancer metal sculpture]
[Dancer metal sculpture]
Stainless steel, Large about 72" high, Small about 36" high
[Running Wheel sculpture]

Running Wheel is a fun, interactive, sculpture with an engaging design and multiple levels of interpretation. It depicts 26 realistic legs in a wheel formation, symbolizing the 26 miles of a marathon. Viewers can spin the sculpture so the legs appear to be running. The blur they create is similar to the sea of legs observed in a large road race, like the Boston Marathon. The sculpture represents the democratic nature of the sport of running, where nearly anyone can participate, not merely athletic elites. Running Wheel can also be seen as a metaphor for a marathoner's endless routine, or for the busy lives people lead.

Running Wheel
Resin and Stainless Steel
Inquire about display or purchase.

Michael created Winged Foot for The Art of Running, a public art project associated with the start of the marathon in Hopkinton, MA, as a fundraiser for the Cultural Arts Alliance in the town, with support from the Hopkinton Athletic Association. Resin castings of the foot are decorated by selected artists, with themes that interpret the marathon. For more photos and information, see The Art of Running.

Unpainted faux bronze or white resin castings are available, as are small resin castings, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the project.

Landmarks, Winged Foot
Resin, 54"x54"x20" (Five times life size)
Painted by Maura Conron
Photo by Kathleen Culler
Inquire about display or purchase.
[Winged Foot]

[We Two Together - Bronze Sculpture Fountain - Michael Alfano]

We Two Together, in bronze, is the centerpiece for a garden fountain, with natural stones in an arrangement designed with John Novak. In this sculpture, the negative space of the joined couple forms the basis of a large face, that is an integral part of their union. A resin casting and smaller versions in bronze and resin are also available for purchase.

"Shine! shine! shine!
Pour down your warmth great sun!
While we bask, we two together."
From "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman

We Two Together, 2014
43" x 43" x 33" (without base)
Bronze, Fountain, Private Collection, MA
Bronze, Long Island Sound, Private Collection
Also in Resin, at Canyon Ranch; Lenox, MA

[We Two Together - Bronze - Long Island Sound]

[Questioning Mind Sculpture - Resin - Michael Alfano]

Overlooking Boston is Questioning Mind, in a large size resin. Originally created as a smaller, wall-hanging sculpture, requests for an outdoor version prompted Michael to re-sculpt it. The high relief face is cut away, surrealistically creating a question mark, a hallmark of the human race.

"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiousity has its own reason for existing."
Albert Einstein

Questioning Mind
2014, 18" x 12" x 6" (without base)
Resin with natural stone
Bronze, in stone grotto, private collection, MA

[Questioning Mind Bronze Sculpture]

[Evolution Sculpture - Resin - Michael Alfano]

In Evolution, the two oversized facing heads are comprised of smaller and smaller faces, all on rails that slide towards one another. When the faces overlap, their shapes form new designs, with endless complexity of steel and shadow.

"Every act creates a ripple effect with no logical end," is a quote from Scott Adams that expresses the thought.

2015, 84" high
Stainless Steel

[Turning Heads Sculpture]

The sculpture Turning Heads moves when viewers push a piece of the oversize face. The components of the sculpture are each of a different skin tone, just we all are comprised of ancestors from around the world, in our recent or ancient past.

A quote from the Tao sheds light on labeling: "The unnamable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things."

Turning Heads
2015, 56" x 24" x 12"
See the video

Sculpture by
Michael Alfano

Locations for

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Monuments & Public Art
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11 School St., Hopkinton, MA 01748