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[Ted Kennedy sculpture] [Bas Relief Portrait Sculpture] [Portrait Sculpture of Rajinikanth] [Sculpture of Boy] [O. P. Jindal sculpture] [John Jackson and Lew Gosmon sculpture] [President Obama sculpture] [Anwar Sadat sculpture] [Lt. Maxwell sculpture] [Three boys portrait sculpture] [Mother Clelia Merloni sculpture] [Mean Joe Greene sculpture] [Harold Connolloy sculpture] [Clay sculpture of a man] [Arnie Snider sculpture] [Bas Relief sculpture of a baby boy] [Sculpture of a young girl]

Following traditional methods, Michael sculpts in clay and brings a portrait to life. The finished work is beautifully rendered in bronze, capturing not only the likeness, but also the presence of the individual.

Recognized for these qualities, Michael's portraits have been accepted into many juried shows, earning numerous awards. He has completed sculpture commissions for esteemed leaders in business, sports, government, and the community in many countries, as well as portraits of loved ones for family members.

You view or purchase portraits Michael has created. Or you can commission Michael to create a portrait of someone you want to honor in your family or organization, with prices from $4,000.

Portrait sculpture of Ted Kennedy
Senator Ted Kennedy, Bronze

Portrait Sculpture
Michael Alfano

Bas Relief Portrait Sculpture
Kim, Bas Relief
Cold Cast Copper
Portrait sculpture of Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth, Bollywood film star

Life size, high bas relief, bronze, wall hanging portrait
Private commission, India

Portrait sculpture of boy
Wyatt, Hydrostone

Multiple castings of the sculpture can be made, even in different materials, such as hydrostone shown here.

Portrait sculpture of Shri. O. P. Jindal
O. P. Jindal, Bronze

Shri. O. P. Jindal built the Jindal Group conglomerate, was a member of Parliament in India, and founded the Jindal Charitable Trust.

Portrait sculpture of John Jackson and Lew Gosmon
John Jackson & Lew Gosmon

Life Size, Bronze
For DKE at MIT
Cambridge, MA
Portrait  of President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama, Hydrostone
Zion Union Heritage Museum, Hyannis, MA

Inspired by Barack Obama, Michael created this portrait bust to commemorate the historic inauguration in 2009.

Portrait sculpture of Anwar Sadat
Anwar Sadat, Cold Cast Copper
Peace Studies Institute, Maryland

Commissioned by Camelia Sadat, daughter of the late Egyptian leader, the sculpture was created based on photos and her memories.

Portrait sculpture of Lt. William C. Maxwell
Lt. William Maxwell, Bronze

This sculpture was commissioned to honor the heroic actions of Lt. William C. Maxwell, for whom Maxwell Air Force Base was named.

Portrait sculpture of three boys standing
Three sons, Bronze, 18" high

This sculpture was commissioned by a father of his three sons, capturing a special moment on a vacation. It was created from photos as a surprise gift to his family. Additional castings in resin.

Full Length Portrait Sculpture by Michael Alfano - Monuments to Miniatures

Michael has created full length portraits of public figures as monuments. From the full length sculpture, he can create and cast a portrait bust. He has also sculpted miniature size figures as limited edition collectibles.

Full length portrait sculpture
Mother Clelia Merloni
Full length portrait
[Sculpture of Joe Greene]
Joe Greene,
Polyresin, 9"x6"x6"
See additional Sports Figures [Harold Connolly Sculpture]
Harold Connolly
Clay Maquette, 1/4 Life Size

Portrait sculpture of man in clay
Bill, Clay, Before Casting

About the Process

Michael typically requires three to five sittings to complete a portrait, although it can be done from good-quality photographs if necessary. Sittings are at his studio, or at the subject's home or office.

At the first session, Michael takes photographs and measurements of the subject's head and face to ensure the accuracy of the life-size portrait. During the three to four hours at each sitting, Michael will get to know the subject, which helps him incorporate their personality into the portrait. Between sessions, Michael works on the sculpture in his studio.

When the subject and Michael are satisfied with the clay sculpture, it is ready for casting. The original casting material is typically bronze, with a choice of patinas. Cold cast copper can also be used for a primary casting. The entire process usually takes three to six months, but if necessary, shorter timeframes are negotiable.

Portrait sculpture of Arnie Snider III
Arnie Snider III, Bronze
Unveiling at the Met

Snider received this surprise gift at his retirement gala in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, from Deerfield Management, the hedge fund group he founded.

Options and Pricing Guidelines

Portrait sculpture of baby
Freeman John
Bronze High Bas Relief

Scale - Choose a scale from miniature to monumental. Common scales are: a small figure under a foot, half life size, life size, 120% life size, twice life size, and larger.

Size and Style - Select: head only, head and shoulders, head and chest, or full figure. You can choose a bas relief (like Freeman John, at left) or a sculpture in the round (like Paulina, at right).

Material - The final sculpture is cast in bronze or cold cast copper and you can specify the coloration.

Composition - You can include a background or prop, such as a bench or chair.

Pricing - Depends on the size, style, and material selected, as well as the current price of materials. For example, a typical life-size adult head and neck in bronze is $9,000; a typical full length, life-size adult in bronze is $45,000. Duplicates can be made at a reduced price in bronze or cold cast copper. An exact quote will be provided based on the details of your commission.

Portrait sculpture of a girl
Bronze Portrait in the Round

Brochure for Commissioning a Portrait Sculpture by Michael Alfano

Download a printable brochure (PDF document) about commissioning a portrait sculpture from Michael Alfano.

PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Don't have it? Click here to download it for free.

Sculpture by
Michael Alfano

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(508) 435-4613
11 School St., Hopkinton, MA 01748